Spanish Speech Data by Mobile Phone_R - 227 Hours

Full Official Name: Spanish Speech Data by Mobile Phone_R - 227 Hours
Submission date: Oct. 7, 2022, 4:46 p.m.

The data volumn is 227 hours. It is recorded by Spanish native speakers from Spain, Mexico and Venezuela. It is recorded in quiet environment. The recording contents cover various fields like economy, entertainment, news and spoken language. All texts are manually transcribed. The sentence accuracy is 95%. Format:16kHz, 16bit, uncompressed wav, mono channel Recording environment:quiet indoor environment, without echo Recording content (read speech):economy, entertainment, news, oral language, numbers, letters Speaker:352 people from Spain, Mexico and Venezuela etc., 55% of which are male Device:Android mobile phone: iPhone=3.5:1 Language:Spanish Transcription content:text, time point of speech data, 5 noise symbols, special identifiers Accuracy rate:95% (the accuracy rate of noise symbols and other identifiers is not included) Application scenarios:speech recognition, voiceprint recognition

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