Full Official Name: A-SpeechDB
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:17 p.m.

A-SpeechDB© is an Arabic speech database suited for training acoustic models for Arabic phoneme-based speaker-independent automatic speech recognition systems. The database contains about 20 hours of continuous speech recorded through one desktop omni microphone by 205 native speakers from Egypt (about 30% of females and 70% of males), aged between 20 and 45. Automatically generated transcriptions are provided with a manually revised version for each sentence. Accuracy: • Detailed speaker information: Age, Accent, place of stay, gender • Recording in office environment • Sentence labeled. • Continuous Speech • Automatic first pass transcription • Manual second pass labeling • Each text prompt is unique, no repeated sentences • Sentences chosen to cover all Arabic phonetics several times Technology: • Automatic transcription using TransArab© • Recording using DBRec© or Validator© • Validation using Validator© Audio: • Sample Rate : 16 KHz • Resolution: 16 bit PCM • Format: MAF (A tool is included to convert the database to WAV format) Text: • Labeled data format: HTK lab format (100 nano-seconds)

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