Parallel EMG-Acoustic English GlobalPhone

Full Official Name: Parallel EMG-Acoustic English GlobalPhone
Submission date: April 6, 2017, 5:50 p.m.

The parallel EMG-Acoustic English GlobalPhone language resource contains 63 recordings sessions from 8 speakers articulating speech in three speaking modes, audible, whispered, and silent by reading three times 50 English sentences in GlobalPhone-style, i.e. 16kHz PCM encoded audio recordings of utterance-segmented read speech from the newspaper domain. Speech is recorded in a parallel fashion, i.e. synchronously by a standard close-talking microphone and by surface electrodes capturing the muscle activities of the articulatory muscles in the face (EelectroMmyoGgraphy = EMG). In addition, baseline results of an EMG-based speech recognition system are presented, which was developed on a subset of the Parallel EMG-Acoustic English GlobalPhone resource.

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