Alcohol Language Corpus (BAS ALC)

Full Official Name: Alcohol Language Corpus (BAS ALC)
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:17 p.m.

ALC contains recordings of German speakers that are either intoxicated or sober. The type of speech ranges from read single digits to full conversation style. Recordings were done during drinking test where speakers drank beer or wine to reach a self-chosen level of alcoholic intoxication. The actual level of intoxication was measured by breath alcohol and blood samples taken immediately before the speech recording. Recordings were performed in two standing automobiles to ensure a constant acoustic environment across the different recording locations; both, the intoxicated and sober condition recording were done in the same car and supervised by the same investigator (dialogue partner). In the intoxicated state 30 items were sampled from each speaker (set A), while in the sober state 60 items were recorded (set NA; set A being a subset of set NA). Preliminary version of 25/03/2009: • number of recorded speakers: 88 (final: 150) • number of recordings: 8586 • number of phonetic segments: 709220 • file formats: o headset Beyerdynamics Opus 54: WAV 44,1kHz, 16 bit o mouse micro AKG 400: WAV 44,1kHz, 16 bit o meta data: speaker and recording protocol (SpeechDat) o lexicon: 7-bit ASCII o Emu database: *.hlb, *.phonetic • segmentation: manual segmentation of initial and final silence interval; automatic phonemic segmentation by MAUS • distribution: DVD-R The final version will be made available free of charge to the preliminary version purchasers after completion (planned for end 2009).

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