Mbochi speech corpus

Full Official Name: Mbochi speech corpus
Submission date: May 31, 2018, 1:10 p.m.

The Mbochi speech corpus was developed in the framework of ANR-DFG BULB project. This project aims to provide field linguists (eg working on morphology) with tools for less or not written languages. The provided corpus is a subset from the corpus developed in this framework. The provided corpus consists of 5131 sentences recorded in mbochi, together with their transcription and French translation, as well as the results from the work made during JSALT workshop (within one of the topics which was "the speaking Rosetta stone - Discovering Grounded Linguistic Units for Languages without Orthography"): alignments at the phonetic level and various results of unsupervised word segmentation from audio. The audio corpus is made up of 4,5 hours, downsampled at 16kHz, 16bits, with Linear PCM encoding. Data is distributed into 2 parts, one for training consisting of 4617 sentences, and one for development consisting of 514 sentences.

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