Swiss-French Polyphone Database 4000 speakers

Full Official Name: Swiss-French Polyphone Database 4000 speakers
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:31 p.m.

Like the Dutch and German polyphone corpora, this is a Polyphone-like database recorded in Switzerland to cover the French language as spoken in the Roman area. The database consists of 5,000 speakers who answered several questions (around 10), leading to spontaneous speech, and reading about 28 items from a form supplied by IDIAP. This form contains several speech sequences, including sentences from different sources (local newspapers, existing corpora, law articles, etc.) to ensure a good phonetic coverage, application words from a defined list of command words, currency amounts, quantities, credit card numbers, spelled words (mainly names), etc. The database is divided into two subsets: the first one comprises 1,000 speakers and the second one 4,000 speakers (1,000 speakers are not available). Each subset is divided into two subsets: the phonetically rich sentences and the application-oriented data.

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