Full Official Name: LusoLEX European Portuguese Lexicon
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:30 p.m.

LusoLEX is a multifunctional monolingual lexicon of the European variety of Portuguese, developed by the Natural Language Group of INESC. It has about 61,000 entries (lemmas) and 1,600 correspondent inflexion paradigms. The set of entries includes compound words and the inflexion paradigms include information regarding enclitics, augmentatives and diminutives. Morphological information is encoded with maximum granularity and is conformant with the EAGLES recommendations. Most entries were selected from the Palavroso lexicon. The morphological information was converted from the Palavroso rule based morphological analyser and completely revised. Note: LusoLEX (ELRA-L0033) and BrasilLEX (ELRA-L0034) were designed with the same architecture and format. Each of these lexicons is complete and independent. Therefore, there is a set of entries that are identical in both of them, because they correspond to lexical items used in both national varieties, some of which have different morphological classification. Others, even when used in both National Varieties, are not included in one of them because its frequency of use does not justify it.

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