Japanese Kids Speech database (Lower Grade)

Full Official Name: Japanese Kids Speech database (Lower Grade)
Submission date: Oct. 8, 2020, 5:21 p.m.

The Japanese Kids Speech database (Lower Grade) contains the total recordings of 179 Japanese Kids speakers (71 males and 108 females), from 6 to 9 years' old (first, second and third graders in elementary school), recorded in quiet rooms using smartphones. This database may be combined with the Japanese Kids Speech database (Upper Grade) also available in the ELRA Catalogue under reference ELRA-S0412. Number of speakers, utterances, duration and age are as follows : Number of speakers 179 (71 male/108 female) Number of utterances (average): 325 utterances per speaker Total number of utterances: 58,214 Age: from 6 to 9 years' old Total hours of data: 116.6 1019 sentences were used. Recordings were made through smartphones and audio data stored in .wav files as sequences of 16KHz Mono, 16 bits, Linear PCM. Database: ・Audio data: WAV format, 16KHz, 16bit, mono (recorded with smartphone) ・Recording scripts: TSV format(tab-delimited), UTF-8 (without BOM) ・Transcription data: TSV format(tab-delimited), UTF-8 (without BOM) ・Size: 12.9GB Number of speakers per age: 6 years' old: 35 (17 male, 18 female) 7 years' old: 58 (26 male, 32 female) 8 years' old: 67 (22 male, 45 female) 9 years' old: 19 (6 male, 13 female) Structure of database: ├─ readme.txt ├─ Japanese Kids Speech Database.pdf Description document of the database ├─ Transcription.tsv Transcription ├─ scripts.tsv Script │ └─ voices/ directory of audio data └─ low/ directory of lower grade └─(speaker_ID/) directory of speaker ID (six digits) └─(audio_file) audio file (WAV format, 16KHz, 16bit, mono) File naming conventions of audio files are as follows: Field number | Contents | Description | Remarks 0 | Language ID | “JA” (fixed) | Japanese 1 | Speaker ID | Six digit | 4XXXXX 2 | Script ID | LXXXX | XXXX: four digits 3 | Age | Two digits 4 | Gender | M: male, F: female Filed separation character is “_”. For example, if the audio file name is “JA_400001_L0001_07_F.wav, this file has the following meaning: JA: Language ID (Japanese) 400001: speaker ID L0001: script ID 07: age (seven years old) F: gender (female)

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