CHIL 2005 Evaluation Package

Full Official Name: CHIL 2005 Evaluation Package
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:22 p.m.

The CHIL 2005 Evaluation Package was produced within the CHIL Project (Computers in the Human Interaction Loop), in the framework of an Integrated Project (IP 506909) under the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme. The objective of this project is to create environments in which computers serve humans who focus on interacting with other humans as opposed to having to attend to and being preoccupied with the machines themselves. Instead of computers operating in an isolated manner, and Humans [thrust] in the loop [of computers] we will put Computers in the Human Interaction Loop (CHIL). In this context, the CHIL project produced CHIL Seminars. The CHIL Seminars are scientific presentations given by students, faculty members or invited speakers in the field of multimodal interfaces and speech processing. During the talks, videos of the speaker and the audience from 4 fixed cameras, frontal close ups of the speaker, close talking and far-field microphone data of the speaker’s voice and ambient sounds were recorded. The CHIL Seminars have been compiled in four different packages, according to the evaluations for which they have been created and used: - CHIL 2004 Evaluation Package (catalogue reference ELRA-E0009) - CHIL 2005 Evaluation Package (catalogue reference ELRA-E0010) - CHIL 2006 Evaluation Package (catalogue reference ELRA-E0017) - CHIL 2007 Evaluation Package (catalogue reference ELRA-E0033) The CHIL_2005 Evaluation Package consists of the following contents: 1) Contents of the CHIL 2004 Evaluation Package (see catalogue reference ELRA-E0009 for description). 2) Audio and Video Recordings: 5 seminars recorded in November 2004). 3) Stereo Video Recordings of 10 subjects that move in the camera’s field of view while performing pointing gestures. 4) Video annotations. 5) Transcriptions.

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