Full Official Name: LABEL-LEX (MW)
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:30 p.m.

LABEL-LEX (MW) is a Portuguese formalized lexicon, containing 88 619 inflected multiword lexical units (formally, sequences of simple words). The units are distributed as follows: - 85,881 nouns, with information about type, gender, number, inflected forms, irregular inflected forms and subcategorisation frames - 2,204 adverbs - 409 adjectives, with information about degree, gender, number, comparison, position, inflected forms, irregular inflected forms and subcategorisation frames - 125 pronouns, prepositions/postpositions and conjunctions From a linguistic point of view, multiword lexical units exhibit distributional and selectional constraints; they lack compositionality, and have, most of the time, idiomatic interpretations. MWUs occur frequently in both everyday language and technical and scientific texts to express ideas and concepts that in general cannot be stated by "free" linguistic structures. So it is impossible to envisage automatic text analysis without adequate identification and treatment of multiword lexical units. The meaning of a text is mostly supplied by frequent occurrence of multiword units, especially by compound nouns. Other formats and other services may be supplied by the data owner upon request (e.g. conversion into buyer's formalism, selection of subsets of the words missing from your own dictionary).

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