Serbian emotional speech database (GEES)

Full Official Name: Serbian emotional speech database (GEES)
Submission date: Sept. 1, 2016, 12:52 p.m.

The database contains recordings from six actors, three of each gender. The following emotions have been recorded: neutral, anger, happiness, sadness and fear. The database consists of: 32 isolated words, 30 short semantically neutral sentences, 30 long semantically neutral sentences and one passage with 79 words in size. The overall size of database is 2790 recordings or approximately 3 hours of speech. Statistical evaluation of database shows full phonetic balance according to the phonetic statistics of Serbian language and the statistics of other speech segments (syllables, consonant sets, accents) are in agreement with overall statistics of Serbian language. GEES database was recorded in an anechoic studio at 22,050 Hz sampling frequency.

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