TC-STAR 2007 Evaluation Package - ASR English

Full Official Name: TC-STAR 2007 Evaluation Package - ASR English
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:31 p.m.

TC-STAR is a European integrated project focusing on Speech-to-Speech Translation (SST). To encourage significant breakthrough in all SST technologies, annual open competitive evaluations are organized. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Spoken Language Translation (SLT) and Text-To-Speech (TTS) are evaluated independently and within an end-to-end system. The third TC-STAR evaluation campaign took place in March 2007. Three core technologies were evaluated during the campaign: • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), • Spoken Language Translation (SLT), • Text to Speech (TTS). Each evaluation package includes resources, protocols, scoring tools, results of the official campaign, etc., that were used or produced during the second evaluation campaign. The aim of these evaluation packages is to enable external players to evaluate their own system and compare their results with those obtained during the campaign itself. The speech databases made within the TC-STAR project were validated by SPEX, in the Netherlands, to assess their compliance with the TC-STAR format and content specifications. This package includes the material used for the TC-STAR 2007 Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) third evaluation campaign for English. The same packages are available for both Spanish (ELRA-E0026-01 and E0026-02) and Mandarin (ELRA-E0027) for ASR and for SLT in 3 directions, English-to-Spanish (ELRA-E0028), Spanish-to-English (ELRA-E0029-01 and E0029-02), Chinese-to-English (ELRA-E0030). To be able to chain the components, ASR, SLT and TTS evaluation tasks were designed to use common sets of raw data and conditions. Three evaluation tasks, common to ASR, SLT and TTS, were selected: EPPS (European Parliament Plenary Sessions) task, CORTES (Spanish Parliament Sessions) task and VOA (Voice of America) task. The CORTES data were used in addition to the EPPS data to evaluate ASR in Spanish and SLT from Spanish into English. This package was used within the EPPS task and consists of one test data set, composed of audio recordings of Parliament’s sessions from June to September 2006. The test data set is made of 3 hours (29,748 running words).

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