Full Official Name: T-PAS
Submission date: Feb. 3, 2023, 4:46 p.m.

T-PAS (Typed Predicate Argument Structures) is a digital lexicon consisting of a corpus-derived collection of Italian verb argument structures, whose arguments have been manually annotated with a set of hierarchically organised semantic labels called Semantic Types. T-PAS is primarily tailored for investigating verbal polysemy, since each semantically typed verb argument structure – called pattern – corresponds to a different verb sense. Recurrent metonymic shifts in verb arguments are encoded as sub patterns. As of today, T-PAS contains a total of 1164 Italian verb entries containing 5529 patterns expressing different verb senses, and 252943 annotated corpus lines. Moreover, the resource includes 84 metonymic subpatterns linked to 1218 corpus lines featuring 37 different metonymic shifts. See also: https://tpas.unipv.it/

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