The MWN.PT - MultiWordnet of Portuguese

Full Official Name: The MWN.PT - MultiWordnet of Portuguese
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:31 p.m.

MWN.PT - MultiWordnet of Portuguese (version 1) spans over 17,200 manually validated concepts/synsets, linked under the semantic relations of hyponymy and hypernymy. These concepts are made of over 21,000 word senses/word forms and 16,000 lemmas from both European and American variants of Portuguese. They are aligned with the translationally equivalent concepts of the English Princeton WordNet and, transitively, of the MultiWordNets of Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Romanian and Latin. It can be browsed online at: It includes the subontologies under the concepts of Person, Organization, Event, Location, and Art works, which are covered by the top ontology made of the Portuguese equivalents to all concepts in the 4 top layers of the English Princeton WordNet and to the 98 Base Concepts suggested by the Global Wordnet Association, and the 164 Core Base Concepts indicated by the EuroWordNet project.

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