PAROLE Portuguese Corpus - tagged subset

Full Official Name: PAROLE Portuguese Corpus - tagged subset
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:30 p.m.

The parole Portuguese corpus contains approximately 3 million running words of European Portuguese distributed by Medium, as follows: * Newspaper: about 65%, covering the period 1996-1997 of 3 titles; * Book: about 20%, concerning 12 titles from 3 editing houses; * Periodical: about 5%, concerning 7 weekly issues of 1 title, 1996; * Miscellaneous: about 10%, concerning several files distributed by 8 titles. The corpus was classified and encoded according to the common core parole encoding standard. The file format of this corpus is SGML. A subcorpus of the PAROLE Portuguese Corpus, which reproduces approximately the whole Corpus distribution by Medium (Newspaper: about 65%, Book: ab. 20%, Periodical: ab. 5%, Miscellaneous: ab. 10%) is also available. It has about 250,000 words morpho-syntactically tagged accordingly to the parole common tagset and morpho-syntactic annotation standards. Disambiguation was manually checked.

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