Danish SpeechDat-Car - Full database

Full Official Name: Danish SpeechDat-Car - Full database
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:22 p.m.

The Danish SpeechDat-Car comprises the recordings of 300 Danish speakers from 5 different regions (162 males, 138 females), recorded over the GSM telephone network, and in a car. This database is partitioned into 15 DVDs (53 GB), plus 1 CD-ROM for e.g. non-signal files and documentation. The speech databases made within the SpeechDat-Car project were validated by SPEX, the Netherlands, to assess their compliance with the SpeechDat-Car format and content specifications. The speech data files are in two formats. Four of the microphones were recorded on the computer in the boot of the car. The speech data are stored as sequences of 16 kHz, 16 bit and uncompressed. The fifth microphone was connected to the cell phone, and was recorded on a remote machine, with compressed data stored as sequences of 8 bit A-law 8.kHz. Each signal file is accompanied by an ASCII SAM label file which contains the relevant descriptive information. Each speaker uttered the following items: 2 voice activation keywords 1 sequence of 10 isolated digits 7 connected digits : 1 sheet number (5+ digits), 1 spontaneous telephone number, 3 read telephone numbers, 1 credit card number (14-16 digits), 1 PIN code (6 digits) 3 dates : 1 spontaneous date (e.g. birthday), 1 prompted date, 1 relative or general date expression 2 word spotting phrases using an application word (embedded) 4 isolated digits 7 spelled words : 1 spontaneous (own forename or surname), 1 spelling of directory city name, 4 real word/name, 1 artificial name for coverage 1 money amount 1 natural number 7 directory assistance names : 1 spontaneous (own forename or surname), 1 city of birth / growing up (spontaneous), 2 most frequent cities, 2 most frequent company/agency, 1 "forename surname" 9 phonetically rich sentences 2 time phrases : 1 time of day (spontaneous), 1 time phrase (word style) 4 phonetically rich words 67 application words: 13 mobile phone application words, 22 IVR function keywords, 32 car products keywords 2 additional language dependent keywords Prompts for spontaneous speech 2 additional keywords from a list of 10 The following age distribution has been obtained: 84 speakers are between 18 and 30, 99 speakers are between 31 and 45, 98 speakers are between 46 and 60, and 19 speakers are over 60. A pronunciation lexicon with a phonemic transcription in SAMPA is also included.

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