Chinese Mandarin (North) database

Full Official Name: Chinese Mandarin (North) database
Submission date: June 1, 2018, 11:40 a.m.

This database contains the recordings of 500 Chinese Mandarin speakers from Northern China (250 males and 250 females), from 18 to 60 years’ old, recorded in quiet studios located in Shenzhen and in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People’s Republic of China. Demographics of native speakers from Northern China is as follows: - Beijing: 200 speakers (100 males, 100 females) - North of Beijing: 101 speakers (50 males, 51 females) - Shandong: 149 speakers (75 males, 74 females) - Henan: 50 speakers (25 males, 25 females) Speaker profile includes the following information: unique ID, place of birth, place where speaker lived the longest by the age of 16, and the number of years that the speaker lived there, age, gender, recording place. Recordings were made through microphone headsets (ATM73a / AUDIO TECHNICA) and consist of 172 hours of audio data (about 30 minutes per speaker), stored in .WAV files as sequences of 48 KHz Mono, 16 bits, Linear PCM. Recording script consists of : • Phoneme balance statement: 785 sentences • Travel conversation: 1618 sentences • About 200 sentences per speaker including: 134 sentences of travel conversation, 66 sentences of phoneme balance

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