Terminology database of finance

Full Official Name: Terminology database of finance
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:31 p.m.

This dictionary gathers different disciplines and topics such as: finance, economy, trade, business, stock-exchange, banking, firms, negotiation, mailing, telephone conversation, values, etc. It also includes many phrases relevant for business, impersonal expressions, conjugated sentences, relevant sentences, standard sentences, synonyms, abbreviations. The DISCIPLINE field gives a subdivision into sectors : stock exchange, trade, export, business, values, economy, banking, etc. Single words are associated with the meaning or event which they apply to. Languages : French - English (GB, US), English (GB, US) - French Number of entries: 91,300. Number of terms per language: about -10% with respect to the number of entries (i.e. ca. 82,000 terms) Disciplines: about 105 Format: .DBF files, sorted alphabetically in French and English A viewer is also available upon demand. This software enables a spontaneous search French => English and English => French in the database according to different criteria: - by beginning of term, - by included word, - by discipline, - by abbreviation. Terms, phrases and conjugated sentences are sorted alphabetically. Examples : phrases beginning with "à" : à terme, à titre gracieux, à titre onéreux, à vue...; "en" : en compte, en vigueur..., "prix" : prix abordable, prix choc, prix exorbitant... Viewing format: .FIC (Windev) Please note that the prices indicated here are dependent from the number of entries available which is growing constantly. Please contact us for further details.

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