GlobalPhone 2000 Speaker Package

Full Official Name: GlobalPhone 2000 Speaker Package
Submission date: Oct. 9, 2018, 12:36 p.m.

The GlobalPhone 2000 Speaker Package contains transcribed read speech spoken by 2000 native speakers in 22 languages. The data are sampled from the GlobalPhone Speech and Text Data available in the ELRA Catalogue, i.e.: Arabic (ELRA-S0192), Bulgarian (ELRA-S0319), Chinese-Mandarin (ELRA-S0193), Chinese-Shanghai (ELRA-S0194), Croatian (ELRA-S0195), Czech (ELRA-S0196), French (ELRA-S0197), German (ELRA-S0198), Hausa (ELRA-S0347), Japanese (ELRA-S0199), Korean (ELRA-S0200), Polish (ELRA-S0320), Portuguese (Brazilian) (ELRA-S0201), Russian (ELRA-S0202), Spanish (Latin America) (ELRA-S0203), Swahili (ELRA-S0375), Swedish (ELRA-S0204), Tamil (ELRA-S0205), Thai (ELRA-S0321), Turkish (ELRA-S0206), Ukrainian (ELRA-S0377), and Vietnamese (ELRA-S0322). The GlobalPhone 2000 Speaker Package covers about 9,000 randomly selected utterances read by 2000 native speakers in 22 languages, i.e. on average 4.5 utterances corresponding to 40 seconds of speech per speaker amounting to a total of 22 hours of speech. The package is designed for various tasks in speaker recognition research and development, such as (1) text-dependent and text-independent speaker recognition (e.g. speaker verification and speaker identification), (2) speaker recognition in multiple languages, (3) multilingual speaker identification, (4) multilingual speaker verification, and (5) speaker recognition with low resources.

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