Bulgarian Valency Frame Lexicon

Full Official Name: Bulgarian Valency Frame Lexicon
Submission date: Oct. 3, 2022, 3:17 p.m.

The Bulgarian Valency Frame Lexicon is composed of 9547 lexical entries organized by frames with 960 mappings to Princeton WordNet available in XML format. It is a treebank-driven resource of extracted valency frames from BulTreeBank. The frames were manually curated. The frames followed the surface representation in the sentences. The frame participants were assigned ontological constraints from SIMPLE ontology (translated into Bulgarian), such as ARTEFACT, COGNITIVE FACT, etc. The structure of the frames follows the BulTreeBank syntactic structure (more in the BulTreeBank Stylebook - http://www.bultreebank.org/TechRep/BTB-TR04.pdf). Please note that the leaves here do not encode words but concepts from SIMPLE Core Ontology. In the phase of the project, these concepts will be aligned to the concepts in other ontologies, such as DOLCE.

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