Full Official Name: LABEL-LEX (SW)
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:30 p.m.

LABEL-LEX (SW) is a Portuguese formalized lexicon, containing 1,545,481 simple inflected words. The words are distributed as follows: - 142,236 nouns, with information about type, gender, number, inflected forms, and irregular inflected forms - 3,155 adverbs, with information about degree, polarity and wh-type - 1,258,913 verbs, with information about type, mood, tense, person, number, transitivity, inflected forms, irregular inflected forms, subcategorisation frames, auxiliarity and clitics - 139,536 adjectives, with information about degree, gender, number, comparison, position, inflected forms, irregular inflected forms and subcategorisation frames - 291 pronouns, 443 determiners, 8 articles (sub-class of determiners), 27 prepositions/postpositions, 40 conjunctions, 317 numerals (sub-class of determiners), 205 interjections, 310 contractions (e.g. Prep + Det) Each dictionary entry is associated to a lemma; information about POS and morphological attributes ? such as gender, number, person, case (for personal pronouns), tense, mood, diminutives, augmentatives, and superlatives ? is systematically formalized for each lexical entry. Syntactic and semantic information is being encoded incrementally. For instance, verbs are sub-classified (transitive, intransitive auxiliary), adjectives are being refined with information about their syntactic sub-classification. Other formats and other services may be supplied by the data owner upon request (e.g. conversion into buyer's formalism, selection of subsets of the words missing from your own dictionary).

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