Mandarin Speech Data by Mobile Phone - 2,028 Hours

Full Official Name: Mandarin Speech Data by Mobile Phone - 2,028 Hours
Submission date: Oct. 7, 2022, 4:26 p.m.

4,787 Chinese native speakers participated in the recording with equal gender. Speakers are from various provinces of China. The recording content is rich, covering mobile phone voice assistant interaction, smart home command and control, In-car command and control, numbers, and other fields, which is accurately matching the smart home, intelligent car, and other practical application scenarios. Format:16kHz, 16bit, uncompressed wav, mono channel; Recording environment:quiet indoor environment, without echo; Recording content (read speech):generic category; human-machine interaction category; smart home command and control category; in-car command and control category; numbers; Speaker:4,787 speakers totally, with 49% males and 51% females; Device:Android mobile phone; iPhone Language:Mandarin Application scenarios:speech recognition; voiceprint recognition.

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