Full Official Name: SmartKom Home
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:31 p.m.

The SmartKom corpora were produced at BAS in the years 1999 to 2003 within the SmartKom project which was funded by the German Ministry of Education and Science. The corpus consists of 448 multi-modal recordings (“sessions”) of 224 persons in a Wizard-of-Oz setting. Release SKH 1.0 contains 130 recordings in the technical setup (“scenario”) SmartKom Home which should be an intelligent communication assistant for the private environment. Naive users were asked to test a “prototype” for a market study not knowing that the system was in fact controlled by two human operators. They were asked to solve two tasks in a period of 4.5 minutes while they were left alone with the system. The instruction was kept to a minimum; in fact the user only knew that the system is able to understand speech, gestures and even mimical expressions and should more or less communicate like a human. Main technical features of release SKH 1.0 • Technical setup: Home (scenario) • Primary domain “Television”; secondary domain “Scheduling”, “Music Selection” • Primary domain “VCR”; secondary domain “Scheduling”, “Music Selection” • 65 users • 130 recording sessions; size: 490 GB • Recorded modalities: o Audio in max 10 channels o Video of face o Video of upper body from the left o Infrared video of the display area (to capture the 2D gestures) as input to the SIVIT device (Siemens gesture recognizer) o Video of the GUI output o Coordinates of graphic tableau (when pen was used) o Coordinates of SIVIT device (when finger/hands were used) • Annotations: o Transliteration o 2D Gesture o user states in three modalities o Turn segmentation • Documentation, TechDoks and publications • All annotations compatible to the “BAS Partitur Format” (BPF) The full database is provided on USB. Single volumes on DVD can be obtained upon demand.

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