Persian Speech Corpus

Full Official Name: Persian Speech Corpus
Submission date: Sept. 27, 2022, 5:29 p.m.

This dataset contains more than 31 hours and 30 minutes of Persian scripted monologue and dialogue data, recorded from 89 Persian speakers (39 males and 50 females) between 17-80 years old in Iran (Tehrani dialect). Recordings were made between April and January 2022. Data consists of read and spontaneous speech recordings: books read by a person, recorded podcasts, articles in the newspapers, radio conversations, phone dialogues. Domains are labelled and include: Accounting (ACC), Banking (BAN), Economics (ECO), Finance (FIN), Insurance (INS), Literature (LIT), Marketing (MBA), Medicine (MED), Psychology (PSY), Science (SCI), Technology (TEK), Telecommunication (TEL), and Law (LAW). The total number of words is 242757 The package consists of 12,232 recording files. Metadata files, including transcriptions, are provided in TSV format and audio files are provided in MP3 format. An Access database containing all written data of the corpus is also provided. All transcriptions were manually done by native speakers of Persian.

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