CRATER 2 Corpus

Full Official Name: CRATER 2 Corpus
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:22 p.m.

The CRATER corpus was built upon the foundations of an earlier project, ET10/63, which was funded in the final phase of the Eurotra programme. The Corpus Resources and Terminology Extraction project (MLAP-93 20) extended the bilingual annotated English-French International Telecommunications Union corpus produced within ET10/63 to include Spanish. The CRATER 2 corpus was produced by the Department of Linguistics & Modern English Language, Lancaster University (United Kingdom) with funding from ELRA. The ELRA funding in turn was provided by the European Commission project LRsP&P (Language Resources Production & Packaging - LE4-8335). This project has enhanced the CRATER corpus, available under the reference ELRA-W0003 in the ELRA catalogue. CRATER 2 has significantly expanded the French/English component of the parallel corpus by increasing the size of the English/French corpus from 1,000,000 words per language to approximately 1,500,000 tokens per language. The offer consists of 1,500,000 tokens for English and French and of 1,000,000 tokens for Spanish, with morphosyntactical annotations (human-edited). CRATER 2 (ref. ELRA-W0033) includes CRATER (ref. ELRA-W0003).

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