Cantonese Dialect Speech Data by Mobile Phone - 1,652 Hours

Full Official Name: Cantonese Dialect Speech Data by Mobile Phone - 1,652 Hours
Submission date: Oct. 7, 2022, 4:51 p.m.

It collects 4,888 speakers from Guangdong Province and is recorded in quiet indoor environment. The recorded content covers 500,000 commonly used spoken sentences, including high-frequency words in weico and daily used expressions. The average number of repetitions is 1.5 and the average sentence length is 12.5 words. Recording devices are mainstream Android phones and iPhones. Format:16kHz, 16bit, uncompressed wav, mono channel Recording environment:quiet indoor environment, without echo Recording content:500,000 colloquial sentences average repetition number of sentence:1.5 Average sentence length: 12.5 words Speaker:4,888 people, 3,299 females, accounting for 67% Device:Android mobile phone and iPhone Language:Cantonese Accuracy rate:95% Application scenarios:speech recognition, voiceprint recognition

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