British English SpeechDat(II) SDB-2400

Full Official Name: British English SpeechDat(II) SDB-2400
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:22 p.m.

The British English SpeechDat(II) SDB-2400 database is designed for development and assessment of speaker verification and identification systems. It contains the recordings of 120 speakers who uttered 22 items 20 times, and was collected over the fixed and mobile telephone networks in quiet and noisy environments. This database is partitioned into 8 CDs. Speech samples are stored as sequences of 8-bit 8 kHz A-law. Each prompted utterance is stored in a separate file. Each signal file is accompanied by an ASCII SAM label file which contains the relevant descriptive information. This speech database was validated by SPEX (the Netherlands) to assess its compliance with the SpeechDat format and content specifications. Each speaker uttered the following items: * 1 sequence of 10 isolated digits * 2 connected digits (1 credit card number -16 digits, 1 PIN code -6 digits) * 2 spelled words (1 fixed "forename surname", 2 "names/words") * 1 fixed "forename surname" * 2 "forename surname" out of a set of 10 * 2 application words * 10 phonetically rich sentences The following age distribution has been obtained: 7 speakers are under 16, 41 speakers are between 16 and 30, 33 speakers are between 31 and 45, 32 speakers are between 46 and 60, and the age of 7 speakers is unknown. A pronunciation lexicon with a phonemic transcription in SAMPA is also included.

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