Resource: English-Persian parallel corpus

Reference English-Persian parallel corpus
Date of Submission July 5, 2017, 2:53 p.m.
Status accepted
ISLRN 074-825-114-781-7
Resource Type Primary Text
Media Type Text
Language English
Access Medium Downloadable

The English-Persian parallel corpus contains more than 200,000 aligned sentences across a variety of text types from the domains of art, law, culture, science, religion, literature, medicine, idioms, politics and others. It is an extension of the English-Persian parallel corpus already distributed by ELRA (Catalogue Reference: ELRA-W0051). This new version of the corpus is distributed with a concordance program which allows users to search a word or a phrase (in continuous or discontinuous forms) or simply a chunk across the concordance and to obtain information about the number of records (here, sentences) and items found, separately. The corpus is available in xml and in Access format.

Version v2.0
Distributor ELRA