The metadata schema

The main purpose of the metadata schema used in ISLRN, is the identification of LRs. Inspired by the broadly known OLAC schema, a minimal set of metadata was chosen to ensure that any resource can be correctly distinguished and identified. We emphasize on the simplicity of the fields, that are easy and quick to fill in beyond misunderstanding.

Note: Only a distributor, creator or rights holder for a resource is entitled to submit it for ISLRN assignment.

Basic metadata


The name given to the resource.

XML example :

<title>1993-2007 United Nations Parallel Text</title>

Full Official Name

The name by which the resource is referenced in bibliography.

XML example :

<reference>1993-2007 United Nations Parallel Text</reference>

Resource Type

The nature or genre of the content of the resource from a linguistic standpoint.

XML example :

<resource_type>Primary Text</resource_type>


The URL where the full metadata record of the resource is available.

XML example :


Format/MIME Type

The file format (MIME type) of the resource. Examples: text/xml, video/mpeg, etc.

XML example :



The size or duration of the resource.

XML example :

<size>21416 KB</size>

Access Medium

The material or physical carrier of the resource.

XML example :

<medium>Distribution: 3 DVDs</medium>


A summary of the content of the resource.

XML example :

<description>Some descriptions</description>


The current version of the resource.

XML example :


Media Type

A list of types used to categorize the nature or genre of the resource content.

XML example :

<media_type> <media_name>Text</media_name> </media_type>


All the languages the resource is written or spoken in.

XML example :

<language> <ISO639_2Code>eng</ISO639_2Code> <language_name>English</language_name> </language>

Resource Creator

The person or organization primarily responsible for making the resource.

XML example :

<creator> <first_name>test_first_name</first_name> <last_name>test_last_name</last_name> <organization>elda</organization> <email></email> <country>france</country> </creator>


The person or organization responsible for making the resource available.

XML example :

<distributor> <first_name>test_first_name</first_name> <last_name>test_last_name</last_name> <organization>elda</organization> <email></email> <country>france</country> </distributor>

Rights Holder

The person or organization owning or managing rights over the resource.

XML example :

<rights_holder> <first_name>test_first_name</first_name> <last_name>test_last_name</last_name> <organization>elda</organization> <email></email> <country>france</country> </rights_holder>


A related resource.

No corresponding xml tag.

Download xsd file for islrn metadata schema