Resource: PLT Recordings and Transcripts

Reference PLT Recordings and Transcripts: The POETICON Lithic Tool multimodal database on spontaneous speech and movement production on object affordances
Date of Submission Nov. 24, 2015, 4:37 p.m.
Status accepted
ISLRN 022-103-177-574-9
Resource Type Transcripts and Audiovisual Recordings
Media Type Text, Audio, Video
Language Greek, Modern (1453-)
Format/MIME Type text/xml, video/mp4, audio/m4a
Size 96 hours and 45 minutes
Access Medium website

This resource captures object affordances in a direct, multimodal, and naturalistic way. Following a "thinking aloud" method, spontaneously-generated verbal and motoric data on object affordances have been elicited by 124 participants in a series of three behavioural experiments. The experiments comprised visuo-tactile stimulation stimuli (lithic tools), which were captured audiovisually from two camera-views (frontal/profile). This methodology allowed the acquisition of more than 96 hours of video, audio, and speech covering:
(a) object-feature-action data (e.g., perceptual features, namings, functions),
(b) exploratory Acts (haptic manipulation for feature acquisition/verification),
(c) gestures and demonstrations for object/feature/action description, and
(d) reasoning patterns (e.g., justifications, analogies) for attributing a given characterization.
The corpus along with detailed descriptions of its contents can be accessed at:

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Rights Holder Katerina Pastra - Cognitive Systems Research Institute