Full Official Name: GRONINGEN
Submission date: Jan. 24, 2014, 4:29 p.m.

The 4 CD-ROMs contain over 20 hours of speech. It is a corpus of read speech material in Dutch, recorded on PCM tape under fairly good conditions. These 4 CD-ROMs contain speech from 238 speakers who read: · 2 short texts (the famous North wind text, and a longer text, "de Koning" by Godfried Bomans, with many quoted sentences to elicit `emotional' speech) · 23 short sentences (containing all possible vowels and all possible consonants and consonant clusters in Dutch), · 20 numbers (the numbers 0--9 and the tens from 10--100), 16 monosyllabic words (containing all possible vowels in Dutch), and 3 long vowels (a:,/E:, \i:) Ninety-four of the 238 speakers also read an extended word list. In addition to the speech signal, an electro-glottograph signal has been included on the CD-ROMs.Orthographic transcriptions of the material are included. Resource made available with the financial support of ELSNET.

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