Resource: Dutch PAROLE Distributable Corpus

Reference Dutch PAROLE Distributable Corpus
Date of Submission Jan. 24, 2014, 4:22 p.m.
Status accepted
ISLRN 440-290-917-102-7
Resource Type Primary Text
Media Type Text
Language Dutch, Flemish

The Dutch PAROLE Distributable Corpus is a 3 million words selection from the 20 million words Dutch PAROLE Reference corpus.

The Dutch corpus annotation and checking was made accordingly to the common core PAROLE tagset. The Dutch data were also checked for type.

The Dutch PAROLE Distributable Corpus contains the following texts:

Van Sterkenburg:
Wdlijst tot wdboek, 1984, 65,344 words
Taal vt Journaal, 1989, 56,215 words
WNT-portret, 1992, 60,133 words

Short Newspaper texts:
MN_Collection, 1986-1988, 19,537 words
CVNP(S)-Collection, 1983-1990, 179,220 words

Short texts from
- Local Papers, 1985-1988, 47,019 words
- Magazines, 1985-1989, 164,589 words

Texts to be read out in TV-news broadcasts for:
- General audience, 1992-1995, 1,285,824 words
- Youth, 1991-1995, 1,008,658 words
Short texts from Ephemera, 1985-1986, 131,692 words

TOTAL: 3,018,231 words

Over 250,000 words of corpus texts have been PoS-tagged automatically. A total of 59,798 running words has been manually corrected and checked at least two times with respect to maximal granularity, according to a lexicographer's manual. The extra 9,000 words over the required 50,000 words compensate for the occurrence of ca. 5,300 "keywords" in the original texts. The fully corrected material has been subjected to an automated post-control operation, checking the pertinence relations between the various feature values, and instantiating default values in case a mismatch (indicating a correction error) was found. Ca. 200,000 words have been checked once for PoS and type. In addition to the required PoS, type was checked for reasons of quality. This material has been subjected to an automated correction procedure addressing the feature slots (positions) beyond the first two for PoS and type so as to solve discrepancies between the manually corrected PoS and type, and the possibly erroneous, automatically assigned values of the remaining slots.

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