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Reference HAVIC MED Training Data -- Videos, Metadata and Annotation
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<p>HAVIC MED Training Data -- Videos, Metadata and Annotation was developed by the Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) and is comprised of approximately 2,100 hours of user-generated videos with annotation and metadata.</p>
<p>To advance multimodal event detection and related technologies, LDC developed, in collaboration with <a href="">NIST</a> (the National Institute of Standards and Technology), a large, heterogeneous, annotated multimodal corpus for <a href="">HAVIC</a> (the Heterogeneous Audio Visual Internet Collection) that was used in the NIST-sponsored <a href="">MED</a> (Multimedia Event Detection) task for several years. HAVIC MED Training Data is a subset of that corpus, specifically, a collection of event and background videos for the HAVIC project originally released to support the <a href="">2011</a>, <a href="">2012</a>, <a href="">2013</a>, <a href="">2014</a>, and <a href="">2015</a> Multimedia Event Detection tasks.</p>
<p>The data consists of videos representing various events (event videos) and videos completely unrelated to events (background videos) harvested by a large team of human annotators. Each event video was manually annotated with a set of judgments describing its event properties and other salient features. Background videos were labeled with topic and genre categories.</p>
<p>All video files are in .mp4 format (h.264), with varying bit-rates and levels of audio fidelity and video resolution. Metadata and annotation for the videos are stored in a .tsv file.</p>
<p>Please view this <a href="desc/addenda/LDC2021V01.mp4">video sample</a> and <a href="desc/addenda/LDC2021V01.txt">annotation sample</a></p>
<p>None at this time.</p>
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<p>This 'members-only' corpus is available to current members. Contact <a href=""></a> for information about becoming a member.</p>

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