Resource: SIEMENS 100 - SI100

Reference SIEMENS 100 - SI100
Date of Submission Jan. 24, 2014, 4:31 p.m.
Status accepted
ISLRN 120-266-527-413-4
Resource Type Primary Text
Media Type Audio
Language German

The corpus contains read speech of 101 different speakers. Each speaker has read approximately 100 sentences from a German newspaper corpus from the SuedDeutch Zeitungen (SZ), consiting of two sub-corpus known as the SZ subcorpus (contains 544 sentences from newspaper articles) and the CeBit subcorpus (contains 483 sentences from newspaper articles about CeBit 1995). Each subcorpus is divided into 5 parts of approximately 100 utterances each. Every speaker read only part of one subcorpus (with some exceptions), thus resulting in a total of approximately 10100 recorded utterances (7 CDROMs).

Version 1.0
Distributor ELRA