Resource: Dutch Polyphone Database

Reference Dutch Polyphone Database
Date of Submission Jan. 24, 2014, 4:22 p.m.
Status accepted
ISLRN 117-997-161-308-7
Resource Type Primary Text
Media Type Audio
Language Dutch, Flemish

The Dutch Polyphone corpus contains telephone speech from 5050 speakers. The corpus comprises 222,075 speech files (based on 44 or, in a few cases 43 items per speaker), which all have been orthographically transcribed. The data were collected in 8-bit A-law digital form, directly off an ISDN telephone line interface.
The corpus contains both read and extemporaneous items. Items to be read consist of isolated digits, numbers (one telephone number, two bank accounts or credit card numbers, and the participation number), a postal code, guilder amounts, time, date, amounts, application words, sentences with application word, phonetically rich sentences, spelled words, city names. Several questions were asked to get the spontaneous part of the speech (questions like Is Dutch your native language?, Did you ever live in another country than the Netherlands, In which cities did you grow up?, Are you a man or a woman?, Are you calling from your home phone?, etc.).

Version 1.0
Distributor ELRA