Legal Information

ISLRN is about a Unique Identifier that allows to identify, name, and discover Language Resources for HLT.

ISLRN is not about access, not about rights, not about archiving (so it does not inform on the licensing, availability, not even if the data is known publicly).

ISLRN is not an obligation but rather an essential/best practice so the Language Resources get a name to simplify referring to it and citing it.

ISLRN is not a "legal deposit", it does not inform on the copyright holder (though this is requested), it does not assign any rights to the entity requesting the ISLRN.

ISLRN is a free service to the whole (Language Resources and Technology) community, initiated by some of the major Language Resources institutions and supported by major data centers.

ISLRN is not an exclusive identifier, owners and data providers may still use "local" identifiers to refer to their own resources.